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Did you enjoy it?
It is said that dogs are color-blind. But they have amazing noses and ears.
Besides they are naked, so they touch the world directly.
Sometimes I thinkc
" How rich of a world do they see?"
I can not imagine it, but a little dog gave me these scenes.
I'm writing the dog's story (Pipi's Tale) little by little on this site.

See you!

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How to make a picture book?
I draw pictures with paper and colour-ballpoint pens.
You can buy them at the nearby shop, so please try it!


About Book

Pony the Puppy: Walking in the Garden
Self-published in June 2003
Nominated for the Japan Self-publishing Culture Prize 2004
Was exhibited at the Self-publishing Festival in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, in July 2004

About Author

Akiko Hirano (Akiko Hirano Swindell)
Born in Iwakuni (near Hiroshima), Japan
Majored in Japanese literature at Yamaguchi University
Moved to the U.S.A. in Dec. 2003 (lives in CA)
"Little Chon-chan"was awarded a Merit Prize at ANAfs International Environmental Picture Book Competition, in January 2007
"Pony the Puppy: The 10th Friend"was awarded the 2nd Prize at Kani-City's Handmade Picture Book Competition, in Oct.2007
"Chawan-mushi"was awarded the 3rd Prize at kani-City's Handmade Picture Book Competition, in Oct.2008.

"Yoru no Sougen(The Field at Night -A story of a puppy who rescued a cricket's wife-)"was awarded the 3rd Prize at kani-City's Handmade Picture Book Competition, in Oct.2010.

Works for Lighthouse Magazine as an illustratior since 2013.

Runs a 4 frame cartoon blog "America wa kyou mo ARE datta"http://ameblo.jp/amerikawa/ since 2011.

Akiko Hirano Swindell